The FBI Files

Produced with the full cooperation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The FBI Files takes viewers behind-the-scenes of major crime investigations and enters what, until now, has been the world's least accessible crime lab. Through dramatic reenactments and interviews with agents and scientists’ viewers witness the actual process of some of the FBI's most famous investigations. And as the agents gather seemingly unremarkable clues, they transform them into hard evidence - the kind of evidence that brings a criminal to justice.


Documentaries / Unscripted


Stuart Taylor, Joseph Wiecha, Stuart Taylor, Gary Meyers

Running Time

S1: 13 x 60' S2: 18 x 60' S3: 18 x 60' S4: 18 x 60' S5: 18 x 60' S6: 18 x 60' S7: 18 x 60' mins


United States


1998 - 2009

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