A Very British Sex Shop

This unique documentary explores how the Richardson family keeps their sex shops surviving against the odds of social taboos and family strife. The family has served British desires for 20 years and have become experts in what Brits love in the bedroom.

While there is plenty of shocking spectacle involving toys and bondage, there is something unexpected behind all the leather and lace: a sincere heart. We often see the family and their customers at their most vulnerable as they vent their frustrations and desires. This isn’t just a shop of vibrators, but a playful safe space for individuals to explore and empower themselves.

Tim, the head of this erotic enterprise, is keeping the business afloat, but he wants to boost family morale by reaching a sales high of £20,000 this Valentine's Day. Can the family come together to reach the lofty goal or will it end in heartbreak?

Tim will find that his greatest obstacles aren’t his unconventional merchandise or inhibited customers, but managing his conflicting employees/family. Will his current wife Calandra and ex-wife Nancy be willing to collaborate on their make or break schemes? His kids aren’t much happier, son Taz is reluctant to take up the latex throne and his daughter Kizzy is ashamed of the family business.

But this is still a business and with Valentine’s Day looming, worries grow about hitting their target. In a last-ditch effort, this sex shop family must rally together to produce a must-see erotic fashion show to boost sales. If they fail, selling a four-foot-long rubber fist will be the least of their problems.


Documentaries / Unscripted


Matt David


Matt David

Running Time

1 x 60' mins


Matt David







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